Lobsters of the World Unite!

So about a week and a half ago (maybe slightly longer) I told someone that they needed to promote themselves more and not be so reticent about what they do. To which the old adage of ‘do what i say, not what i do’ could, perhaps, be found to apply. But what do i want to promote about myself? The person i referred to earlier is a comedian and therefore needs an audience. But now i’m no longer a full time artist (apply term loosely) do i need an audience? Now i have left the harsh coal front of the creative industries,  do i need to showcase myself? I guess the reason i find myself typing today is because in some small, not too loud way, i’ve got things i’d like to put out there. But small splashes, not big ones. I’m not even sure that this will be about art, maybe just the art of living (and not going totally crazy out there in the big bad world). Or even more specifically and diminishingly my art of being me.


3 thoughts on “Lobsters of the World Unite!

    • Dear Mr WordPress,
      Thanks for your usefull information on what to do with comments. Also the thrill of believing when i logged into day that someone had actually commented! I’m greatly amused by the spam messages i’ve received so far, a surprisingly large number given the newness of this blog. (But only on the post about parrots, i’m unclear as to why?). I was tempted to approve them just to make myself feel better about the fact that no one else had commented, also because they are pretty funny, but i thought i’d just try and let it go. Anyhow, hope you’re keeping well? Thanks Rx

  1. Hehehe! Now why didn’t I think to answer Mr WordPress? You now have at least 1 real comment – and I’m proud to be the first!

    Why did you choose the name Lobsers Are Cute Too? I mean, I kinda agree with the sentiment – Almost. Although Lobsers are more cool than cute in my eyes. We’ve been talking about getting a pet lobser (from Wing Yip, in case you’re interested). They can be pretty expensive to keep though. ;-p

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