Off Prints

Ages ago i started to get obsessed with what happens when you print digital photo’s. With the myth of identical mass reproductions of reality lurking behind us, we snap away with our point and clicks and print from our home printers. Each image an individual representation of the moment we believe we have captured accurately, pinned down as historical fact. More and more i liked it when my printer had issues but was asked to print anyway, so that the (usually tiny) differences between images of my reality became more and more obvious. These ‘Off Prints’ started to take on meanings and language all of their own, the printer created 16th Century Italianate Landscapes from Australian holiday snaps, surreal dreamscapes from familiar roads, space invader set designs from the ever so familiar. Anyhow most of that work got lost, because i got burgled, and i hadn’t backed up into a cloud or anything clever like that so when all my computer stuff went all my digitally recorded work went. But down the back of  my portfolio one disk lurked, presumably produced to share my joy at these quick shot art works, so a few images managed to survive even my mismanagement…….




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