What gets you through the day?

So i like Instagram, like quite a few other people. And though i see why other people are bothered by the way things have changed since Facebook bought it, i’m still good (i don’t think i imagined i’d ever get an image on the popular page anyhow. Cue much scuffing of dirt with toe of trainer). I love the nail painting zeitgeist that has swept through the world, though i do maybe laugh a little bit when people who work in a visual medium take bad photo’s of manicures. I love the teenagers seeking affirmation in a huge public space, i applaud them, i couldn’t manage that at my ever so slightly smaller secondary school. Obviously i have to set myself boundaries, who knows what would happen if i just did the first thing that came into my head, my sky literally would fall in, so i’m a take and edit on my iPhone poster only. I know purist, purist. I love the unexpected images as you click on the name of your latest like or follow, the buds (why i was so jaw dropped the first time these appeared i don’t know) the cloudporn, the abstracts and the edits. I love the variety, the pictures of worlds i will never visit, the views other than my own. From Tukky66 with 327482 followers who posts photo’s of herself being a succesful comedian, in amazing costumes, with messages i can’t read, in a world about as far away from my commute in Salford as is possible to be ( http://statigr.am/viewer.php#/user/9023378/ ) to Hauntedmetropolis’s search through the streets of Liverpool for love and art and other such ephemeral intangibles ( http://statigr.am/viewer.php#/user/7956425/ ) . My curiosity is constantly piqued by the fan art and the website promoters and the fashion bloggers and the professionals and the obsessives. So as i don’t apologise for the sadness of my social media habit, i am forced to admit that Instagram really has become one of the things that gets me through the day.

And this here http://statigr.am/rozhyde is a link to the rest of my Instagram photo’s in an easy to look at on a computer formula. Just in case you’re not bored out of your mind wading through the ones above this chitter chatter.

‘Anyhow this is me rewriting the post that mysteriously deleted when i tried to post it, and i’m sleepy and frustrated so i guess i’ll try and recapture the rest of that lost glory tomorrow.’ – It got to tomorrow and all memory has gone from my sieve like brain, so this statement is being left in for now as some sort of mental shield protecting me from sadness at my internet links unpredictability.


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