The page entitled About.

A while ago I told someone that they needed to promote themselves more and not be so reticent about what they do. This person is special to me, one of those without whom i would not be the person i know and live with today. The fact that i was telling them to do something that i am so terrible at doing, made me think, that maybe, i should be a bit more of the person i want to be and take my own advice every once in a while.  But what do i want to promote about myself? Now i’m no longer a full time creative practitioner / artist / arts industry employee do i need an audience? What is it i want to share / showcase and why? I got away with not doing this for years, now art no longer pays my bills, why  am i driven to start a blog? I guess the reason i find myself typing today is because in some small, not too loud way, i’ve got things i’d like to put out there. And not in an updated status on facebook kind of way. But small splashes, not big ones. I’m not even sure that this will be about art, maybe just the art of living (and not going totally crazy out there in the big bad world). Or even more specifically and diminishingly my art of being me.


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