Rained Orf

So today I went to my allotment. And then I came home because it was raining (it was only spitting when I left home). Someone at the allotment asked if I had brought the rain with me. Which was nice of them.

My significant other told me, as I admitted my not so well hidden jealousy of the retired allotmenteers who can go any day of the week and aren’t forced to wait until weekends and try and squeeze in precious digging time in between all the myriad chores that have to wait to the weekend to be done, and then get sad because its raining on their little bit of green time, that it actually does rain more on the weekends. He says they said so on QI.



What gets you through the day?

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So i like Instagram, like quite a few other people. And though i see why other people are bothered by the way things have changed since Facebook bought it, i’m still good (i don’t think i imagined i’d ever get an image on the popular page … Continue reading